Bridging Community and Government Action

The Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications (OCPSC) is housed in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research. As the single state entity coordinating California’s most important statewide public awareness and community engagement initiatives, the Office allows the state to realize more inclusive and effective outcomes while preventing equity gaps in outreach.


The Blueprint

Built on the success of California Census 2020 and Vaccinate ALL 58 statewide campaigns, OCPSC is committed to:

Advancing equity through a focus on reaching the communities with the greatest social and health inequities

Cultivating meaningful relationships by building, supporting, and nurturing a network of trusted messengers and partners

Implementing data-informed decisions by using research and data to ensure equity and accountability

Addressing access and inclusion by facilitating cultural customization to reach people where they are

Fostering innovation by establishing a learning culture with best practices shared with partners


Campaigns related to the state’s highest priority public awareness and community outreach efforts.

Trusted Messengers

At the heart of every public awareness and outreach campaign built by the Office is a structured network of trusted messengers. Through authentic conversations, trusted messengers raise awareness, mobilize public support, and provide valuable insights that inform strategy and messaging.

Campaigns Tailored to Resonate

To accompany the on-the-ground community trusted messengers, the Office also executes integrated media campaigns statewide. Together, these strategies cut through the noise and provide hard-to-reach communities with accurate information the people and media outlets they trust, including hundreds of ethnic media outlets serving communities in-language.

Equity Driven Decision-Making

The foundation of the Office is data and research. While coordinating California’s most important community engagement efforts, the Office leverages research and data to inform strategy, guide resource allocations and prioritize those experiencing the greatest health and social inequities. Using a custom-built online application (CORD), our data scientists can easily share population and regional data to ensure outreach and communication resources are directed where they are needed most.

By The Numbers

05.01.2023 – 06.30.2024


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